From lleft, Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Theatre; baby lemurs at the  Philadelphia Zoo; The Elixir of Love from Philadelphia Opera. 

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(Week ending May 8)

hilly's own "urban beach" reopens for its third season. South Street marks the month of May with--what else--a festival of food and music. And the Philadelphia Zoo is showing off four bug-eyed baby beauties.
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Picasso is leaving the building. The special exhibition, Picasso:The Great War, Experimentation and Change, closes at the Barnes on May 9.​​


Recent history is reconsidered in The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, at Inis Nua Theater. 


Juan de Marcos and The Afro-Cuban All-Stars​ appear at the Annenberg Center for Performing Arts on Saturday.  

1020 Market Street

Surely no one ever walks past 1020 Market Street without cringing from the monumental awfulness of the Funkomatic building. What monster inflicted this on our city? More importantly, how can we make it go away?

The first question is answered by Naked Philly , whose research genius fingers dead-and-damned modernist architect Victor Gruen. He foisted his 1946 design on Robinson's, a low-priced dress shop, which pasted its name across the facade and, not surprisingly, went out of business tout de suite. Two more now-defunct chain stores, Woolworth's and W.T. Grant, also died here.

Fast-forward to 2016. At last it seems that the building's days are numbered. The Funkomatic Building, and many more of Market Street's unloveliest facades, have been quietly bought up by the developers who are embarking on a total rehab of the Market East mall. Just because someone has got to have a better idea for this space.

Got another candidate for Ugliest Building in Center City? Name it here. .